Peace Resources


‘Who needs the Military?’ – in the Guardian on 5th November 2010, an interesting article by Simon Jenkins appeared. In this, he questions the need for the military. The article is reproduced here.

‘Cuts at nuclear weapons sites put public at risk, says MOD’ – in the Guardian on 13th January 2011, an article by Rob Edwards in which comments by the Ministry of Defence’s nuclear safety watchdog about Devonport are discussed. The article is reproduced here.

Michael Dennis has compiled an interesting summary of the use of drones (unmanned aerial vehicles – UAVs) and it can be downloaded here. A report from the Fellowship of Reconciliation on the same subject, entitled Convenient Killing, can be downloaded here. This is a very thorough analysis of their use. Both documents are well worth reading.

‘MoD: Trident submarines cannot be moved from Scotland to Plymouth’ was the title of an article in the Guardian on January 4th 2013. In this Rob Edwards writes that Devonport is ruled out as the home for nuclear submarines, raising questions over the future of the fleet if Scotland votes for independence. The article is reproduced here. The article elicited four letters, including one from Tony Staunton from Plymouth CND, and these can be found here.